New Patients

The practice list is now open to new patients who live within the Practice Area.

How to register

To register with the practice, new patients should complete a New Patient Registration Form and GMS1 form. You can collect these registration forms from Reception.

Alternatively, you can click here to download a copy of our New Patient Registration Form. If the patient registering with us is under 16, click here to download our U16 New Patient Registration Form.

If you are printing your own registration form, make sure that you also complete a GMS1 form - you can click here to download a copy. You must complete all of the forms and return them to the surgery along with appropriate ID.

Please return your forms to the surgery after 11am in a morning. This will enable the reception staff to have more time to deal with your registration effectively.

Once we have received your completed forms we can process this usually within 2 working days.

Once registered, patients can follow the standard procedure to book appointments and order prescriptions.

New Patient Acceptance / Refusal

Patients are also required to produce evidence of their identity and address.

For children, aged 6 and under, evidence of immunisations should be produced. This is either the ‘Red Book’ or other documentary evidence of immunisation status.

Why we need to verify your identity

It is not uncommon for people to use false names to register with practices and then obtain prescription drugs fraudulently. This costs the NHS money and we need to play our part in attempting to combat this fraud.

All individuals seeking to register with the practice, either as new patients or temporary residents, should provide proof of identity. This means verifying your name and also where you live or used to live.

Acceptable documents for proof of name are:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • National insurance number card
  • Driving licence
  • Local authority rent card
  • NHS card

 Acceptable documents for proof of address are:

  • Council tax payment book or correspondence
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Utility bills (gas, electricity or landline)

When returning your completed registration forms, please present one document to verify your name and another to verify your address.

Please note the following points:

  • If you are not yet registered with our practice and you (or your representative) feel that the condition is of an "urgent" nature then you can ring NHS 111 (dial 111) and obtain further advice about the most appropriate and safe place to be treated.
  • Until we receive your medical records from your previous doctor, it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate details of any medications you are taking. This can be done by producing the right hand side of your prescription or you contacting and obtaining a list of your medications from your previous GP.
  • The registration process must be completed before you can see a doctor or nurse at the surgery.
  • Registering as a new patient is a routine process, and not an urgent or emergency procedure.


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